Have you ever been in what you thought was the dream job and found yourself to be miserable? I certainly have, though luckily it was many moons ago. I’m not sure I handled in the best way at the time, but it was certainly what I felt was the best way with the skills I had in my tool belt.

I was in a sweet spot. I was working in HR at a technology start-up. It was well-funded, youthful, and a great opportunity to take myself to the next level with some heavy hitters on the team. As it turned out, it WAS a well-funded and youthful, though also with a sprinkling of a jealous co-worker, uneducated VP (in the area of HR) and enormous chaos.

Through it all I tried. Really hard in fact. I vented. I tried to limit my exposure to the negative folks in my path. Unfortunately I also ate a ton of junk food readily available (clearly an opportunity for better choices).

Eventually, I chose to say goodbye before they were willing to make it better. I went back out on my own and then on to a major consulting firm after that (more on that adventure another day). What a whirlwind of activity, stress, hiring my replacement (yes, they really let me hire my own replacement) and peace.

Yes, peace. I had a huge peace in me that I had done what was right for ME. Not for anyone else. It may not have been the right thing for my career at that moment, but staying wasn’t either. So I might as well be at peace and in the wrong place, than in chaos and the wrong place.

I can’t wait to hear about your “dream job” and how that worked out for you.

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