Fun is often said to be overrated in the workplace, but is it really? Many of us, myself included, would say that it is actually critical to a positive work environment. The key is really how it all folds together.

Ron Culberson, formerly a clinical social worker, manager, and senior leader, and now a speaker and humorist, posits that you have to “do it well, make it fun”. His thought is that if you are not knowledgable and performing with excellence, then you don’t have the credibility to bring humor into the workplace.

funThis really makes so much sense. We have all known those people who are the “class clowns” of the office and make us crazy! We also have known those leaders and contributors that seem to add exponential value through their work AND their charisma.

In order for us to achieve this for ourselves, we have to be in the right job so that we can be knowledgable and perform with excellence. Otherwise, we feel stuck. It’s so important that we invest in ourselves to know what that right job is and how to get ourselves there.

What are you doing to invest in yourself? How are you bringing humor into your workplace to keep you productive and happy?

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